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             Spending Time With Children In The Backyard    


Simply Green Back Yard Fun for Families, a new FREE eBook that promotes low cost green ideas and activities for families to enjoy in their own back yard has been released for Australian families battling the rising cost of living and time pressure of work.


The brainchild of  Melbourne Publicist Ron Smith and Bob Winters, one of Australia's leading sustainability educators, the 60 page publication has been released from the environmental website


Ron Smith says recent research released by the Australian Institute of Family studies that revealed parents and children both thought work was getting in the way of family activity made the backyard and its positive use an attractive area for low cost and easy to access family activity. 

The pressure of modern life with people being attached to the work almost 24/7 with iphones and ipads is exactly the reason people should be increasing their dwell time in the backyard.

"Talking about and being involved with the environment in your own backyard with the family provides a great thread for intergenerational activity with parents and grand parents."

 With Australian families facing a tough Budget and sky rocketing costs of living including energy, water, council rates and food, Simply Green Back Yard Fun for Families is aimed at promoting the concept of family activity in the back yard which virtually costs nothing.



"It is about re-focusing on the importance of the Australian back yard as one of Australia's most under used environmental assets and the importance of family discussion over the environment at home".


"Simply Green Back Yard Fun for Families also encourages healthy outdoor activities, a sense of achievement for children, the development of an appreciation of the environment and a foundation for developing green lifetime values to both enjoy and protect the environment".


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